Prestwick Home Page  

 Members wishing to play in this week's Real Bridge Event click on the link below. 










For Prestwick people editing the link, read below on how to edit the above link.


1. Go to the URL of RealBridge for this week's event, e.g.




2. Select the text for the URL to the right of the Lock Symbol.

In the snapshot above it's 

Copy the text of the URL into the text buffer (Ctrl-C).


3. Go to the ABU web Site and,


4 Login using your SBU No and Password.

5. Navigate to this page on ABU web site - from the ABU web site there's a link under 'Clubs & District' News.

6. Click the Print  / Email / Edit Icon and select 'Edit'


7. The Editor Opens Up.:

8. Position the Mouse on the text on 'Clck on this text..." above, click somewhere in the text, then Select the "Edit Link" icon,  : or 

9. A Pop-up window Appears. .


10. In the URL box in the Pop-Up replace last week's URL with the text you saved above. Select all the text in the URL, then Ctrl-V  (Paste).


11. Click Update at the bottom of the Pop-Up. 


12. Save the Article. Click SAVE. 


The article is saved. 




Click on the link when the aticle is Displayed, and ensure it takes you to the correct Real Bridge Login Sreen.


Well Done!


Any Problems?

Find another mug to do it for you./ eMail the link to Members / Ask RealBridge for an easier way of finding the login page.