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ddth September 20yy



I enclose an invitation to the Chairman versus Vice Chairman’s match on

ddth September 20yy which gives club Presidents and partners, or representatives

from your club a chance to meet socially in the Ayrshire Bridge Centre to enjoy an afternoon’s bridge.  At the end of bridge a light supper will be provided.  Please

meet at 1.30pm for a glass of wine before the commencement of play at 2pm.  Will

you please advise me at sectelno or by e-mail at secemail  If your club will be present. Would  all clubs please reply to this invite, as numbers are necessary for catering requirements.



This competition is for Ayrshire club champions to meet and play for the Adamson

Cup.  Should your club champion not be able to play substitutes are allowed.

The Adamson Cup will be played in the Ayrshire Bridge Centre on Sunday dd

September 20yy at 2pm.  Could you please advise LocalCompetitionsConvener by telephone LocalCompetitionsConvenerTelNo  or by e- LocalCompetitionsConvenerEmail by ddth September the names of the pair representing your club in this competition.


Enclosed is a list of Club Secretaries which I hope you will find useful.

Remember our open day on dd Sep 20yy and our Play & Learn on Friday ddth Sept.20yy at 1.30pm, contact EducationConvener on EducationConvenerTelNo or e-mail EducationConvenerEmail We do hope you can come along.


Remember our National Swiss Teams competition on Sunday ddth November 20yy

Contact NationalCompetitionsConvener on Telephone NationalCompetitionsConvenerTelNo or e-mail NationalCompetitionsConvenerEmail


Our Ann Galt Competition will this year support AnnGaltNominatedCharity in AnnGaltNominatedCharityTown which provides AnnGaltNominatedCharityWork



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