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Trophies are presented at the AGM end-April and the Chair v.Vice-Chair match end September.


1. At end of March/Middle of September, collect names of winners of Trophies. Complete list below.

2. Contact previous winners and have the Trophies returned to Centre.

3. At start of April/Middle of September, take Trophies with list of engraving required to:

            Reid's Trophies, 10 New Road, Ayr KA8 8EX. Tel 01292.619.232

4. Collect Trophies, make payment for engraving, cleaning, before Presentation

5. Submit receipt for re-imbursement of engraving costs to Treasurer.




Trophy Name

AGM end-April

 2013-14 (Previous Year)



League   1


 Kilwinning Abbey



League   2


 Kilwinning Corsehill


Ann Galt Trophy

Ann Galt

in  Clubs December to end of January

 Janice Thomson & Eddie McGeough



Inspiration Cup

winners of heat of Hugh Kelsey at Doon club

 not played


Adamson   Cup

end-Sep   for Club Champions

 Kate & Sam Malkani

Kate & Sam Malkani

Ayrshire Cup

Ayrshire   Cup

Knockout   Teams by end-April

D & Y Wiseman, S & R Wiseman, WG Smith & K Forsyth

 Tourney Cup

Tourney   Cup

Club   heats mid-Jan to Mid-Feb & Teams Final start March

 Mrs. J.Thomson & E.McGeough, I.Burn & S.Kableshkov



Ayrshire   Pairs

Club   Heats Oct, Semi-Finals Nov. Final Feb.

 John Bryson & Jim Tudor


Red-Pointed   Teams of 4 (November Swiss Teams).


 Russell Frame & Gerry Murray, Michele Gladstone, & Joan Lees.


Congress Pairs

Swiss   Pairs



 2014 Jim McMenemy & Paul Maiolani


Congress Teams

Swiss   Teams



 2014 J.Thomson, E.McGeough, I.McClure, I.Burn



 Ronnie Alexander Pairs

 October for players below rank of Scottish Master

 Maureen Rennie & Margaret Boyd



 Ronnie Alexander Teams

 April for players below rank of Scottish Master

 Joyce Rodger & Libby Crone, Valerie Wood & Fred Dean





 £220.50 + £5 cleaning cloth





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Trophy Name

Chair. v. Vice-Chair Sep/Oct

2012-13 Engraving




Hospice   Pairs, played in Clubs in month of May.

2013 Anne & Donnie Graham

 Frances Murphy & BettyStevenson

Ian Stewart Cup

I   Stewart

Nominations   by April Council meeting

2013 Yvonne Wiseman

 2014 Sam Malkani


Munro   Cup

Play & learn end of May

2013 L McManus, I Smith

 Norma Kelly & Sadie Morton

 Pollok Williamson Summer Championship

PW Summer Cup


2013 Alison & Jim Tudor

 2014 Janice Thomson

 Pollok Williamson Handicap

PW Summer Cup Handicap


2013 Irene Davidson

 2014 Henry Crone

 Viking Pairs

Viking   Pairs

1st   Wednesday in September

2013 Sandy Anderson & Stewart Duguid

 2014 Yvonne & David Wiseman

Viking Teams

Viking   Teams

2nd   Wednesday in September

2013 Sandy Anderson & Stewart Duguid, Ian Burn & Bobby Moore

 2014 John Dick & David Wiseman, Cliff Gillis & Martin Henneberger