The Tourney Cup is Ayrshire District’s Premier Competition for Teams of 4.

The Cup started as: SBU Ayrshire Bridge League, Ladies League Championship Cup. Transferred in 1946 for Teams of Four Tournament 


Season Team
2018-19 Janice Thomson & Ian Adamson. Chris Gurney & Thomson Kerr
2017-18 Gordon Cunningham & Fiona Braid, Valerie Wood & Fred Dean
2016-17 Sam & Kate Malkani, Stewart Duguid & Sandy Anderson
2015-16 Sam & Kate Malkani, Stewart Duguid & Sandy Anderson
2014-15 Sandy Anderson & Stewart Duguid, Sam & Kate Malkani
2013-14 Janice Thomson & Eddie McGeough, Ian Burn & Stoian Kableshkov
2012-13 A Anderson & S Duguid, S & K Malkani
2011-12 A Anderson & S Duguid, S & K Malkani
2010-11 F. Murphy, N. McKell, R. Stuart, B. Moore
2009-10 S Duguid & A Anderson E McGeough & Janice Thomson
2008-09 S Malkani J Stevenson J Dick S McCreadie
2007-08 J Burn S Duguid S Anderson T Waldron
2006-07 J Burn S Duguid T Waldrom A Anderson
2005-06 D and Mrs A Graham R and Mrs J Alexender
2004-05 F Abbott's Mrs P Phillips J Stevenson F Murphy
2003-04 Mrs F Abbott's Team
2002-03 J Murdoch's Team
2001-02 S Malkani's Team
2000-01 S McCreadie's Team
1999-2000 J Burn's Team Kilmarnock
1998-99 S McCreadie's Team
1997-98 A Knox's Team 
1996-97 S McCreadie's Team
1995-96 S Malkani's Team Kilwinning
1994-95 J Burn's Team Kilmarnock
1993-94 J Stevenson's Team
1992-93 J Dick's Team Kilwinning
1991-92 J Dick's Team Kilwinning
1990-91 J Burn's Team Kilmarnock
1989-90 S Malkani's Team
1988-89 J Drake's Team
1987-88 J Burn's Team Kilmarnock
1986-87 J Clelland's Team Kilmarnock
1985-86 G Smith's Team Riggs B C
1984-85 M O'Hanlan's Team Troon B C
1983-84 J Murdoch's Team Kilmarnock
1982-83 R Munro's Team Portland B C
1981-82 D Terras' Team Troon B C
1980-81 J R Dick's Team Kilmarnock
1979-80 J Drake's Team Ardeer
1978-79 Mr S L McCreadie's Team Kilwinning
1977-78 J Hendry's Team Kilmarnock
1976-77 J P McClymont's Team Kilmarnock
1975-76 P Pearson's Team Largs
1974-75 A Stewart's Team Station
1973-74 J D S McMillan's Team Portland
1972-73 Dr McCreadie's Team Kilwinning
1971-72 Dr Gibb's Team Ayr
1970-71 J Sloan's Team New Cummnock
1969-70 Dr Jones's Team Saltcoats
1968-69 Dr Gibb's Team Ayr
1967-68 Dr Gibb's Team Ayr
1966-67 R Anderson's Team Cummnock
1965-66 H D Scagell's Team Prestwick Conservatives
1964-65 F Hewitt's Team Kilmarnock
1963-64 Mrs Robertson's Team Cummock
1962-63 P Maughan's Team Ayr
1961-62 Mrs P D Milligan's Team Ayr
1960-61 Dr P F Gay's Team Saltcoats
1959-60 R C Payn's Team Saltcoats
1958-59 A McG Morton's Team Ayr
1957-58 R Ashcroft's Team Saltcoats
1956-57 A McG Morton's Team Ayr
1955-56 E Whitworth's Team Saltcoats
1954-55 E Whitworth's Team Saltcoats
1953-54 P Maughan's Team Ayr
1952-53 P Maughan's Team Ayr
1951-52 A McG Morton's Team Ayr
1950-51 P Maughan's Team Ayr
1949-50 J W Tait's Team Saltcoats
1948-49 P Maughan's Team Ayr
1947-48 J H Murchie's Team Ayr
1946-47 Dr E C Macdonald's Team Ayr
1939-1946 No Competition
1938-39 Ayr B C
1937-38 Ayr B C