Ian Stewart Cup 

Ian Stewart, President of ABU 1980-82. One of the members responsible for acquiring the ABU premises, and 'persuading' the clubs in the district to buy the property.

Ian introduced the trophy for the best Ayrshire performance(s) by a person/pair/team in National Competitions in that  year's calendar1.


Year Winners Achievement
2018-19 Chris Gurney & Thomson Kerr National Pairs winners
2015-16 Alex O'Hara Shenkin Individual
2014-15 Eddie McGeough Buchanan Cup - Men's Pairs Winner (with J Mason, Aberdeen)
2013-14 Sam Malkani Harrison Individual winner (3rd time)
2011-12 Henry Crone 2nd in Shenkin Individual
2010-11 A. Anderson, S. Duguid, I. Burn, S. Malkani Rayne Teams winners
2009-10 Miss F. Murphy Harrison Individual winner
2008-09 S. Malkani Harrison Individual winner
2007-08 Y. Wiseman, R. Wiseman Selection for under-20s Scottish team
2006-07 R.S. Malkani, J.R. Dick, S.L. McCreadie, W.G. Smith Scottish Cup Plate winners (2006)
2005-06 I. Burn, S. Duguid Bowman Winners
2004-05 J. Tudor 3rd in Rayne; 3rd National Pairs
2003-04 S. Malkani accumulation of results with different partners 
2002-03 S. McCreadie Ayrshire's 1st Grandmaster
2001-02 J. Stevenson, F. Murphy Bowman Winners
2000-01 J. Stevenson accumulation of results with different partners
1999-2000 A. Anderson Harrison Individual winner
1998-99 A. Waldron, P. Phillips Spence Cup winners
1997-98 W.G. Smith, K. Forsyth Bowman Winners
1995-96 R.S. Malkani Harrison Individual winner
1994-95 J.R. Dick, Dr S. McCreadie, W.G Smith, R.S. Malkani Men's Fours (Benny Dexter Trophy) winners
1993-94 J.R.Dick, Dr S. McCreadie, W.G. Smith, R.S. Malkani Eurolink Inter-District Teams
1992-93 J.R. Dick, R.S. Malkani Spence Cup winners
1991-92 W.G. Smith, R.S. Malkani, J.R. Dick, S.L. McCreadie Narrow defeat in last 16 of the Gold Cup
1990-91 J.H. Burn  
1989-90 J. Hendry, A.M. Pelling Fairlie winners
1988-89 S. Malkani, J. Lowe Men's Pairs (Buchanan Cup) winners
1987-88 Jean Cunningham Harrison Individual winner
1986-87 M O'Hanlon, R.W. Wagner Spence Cup winners
1985-86 Mrs E. Stevenson, Miss F. Murphy National Pairs winners
1984-85 Dr S. McCreadie, J. Dick National Pairs winners
1983-84 S. Malkani, J. Lowe Men's Pairs (Buchanan Cup) winners
1982-83 Mrs F. Abbott Congress Fours winner; 2nd in Breene (Ladies' Pairs) with Ruth Breene
1981-82 J.R. Dick accumulation of results with different partners
1980-81 Frances Murphy Fairlie Individual winner

 1 The National Convenor has to identify to a select committee the nominees in May --- Committee is usually President, Vice-President, and National Convenor, if not included in nominees.

Thanks to Ian Burn for the definition; Ian was on the committee when the trophy was introduced.