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Hints and Tips using the ABU Web Site including Frequently Asked Questions


Pasting Scorebridge Results so that Links and Table borders show.


Chrome retains links; Internet Explorer converts links to physical location on hard drive;

Chrome doesn't display table borders; IE does.


Use Chrome to pick up the web page produced by Scorebridge; use Firefox to save on the ABU Web site.

Select web page from - C:/BridgeData/Club/WebPages

Right click and Open with Chrome. Select All (Ctrl-A); Copy (Ctrl-C)

Open ayrshirebridge in Firefox.

Login, Submit an Article, Paste (Ctrl-V)

The resulting web page is up to the original high standard provided by Scorebridge and is a joy to view, especially if the background colour (selected in Scorebridge under web page Preferences) is white. Additionally, the links to Travellers and personal Scorecards are fully functional.

A bit of a faff, but well done, Henry, for finding a solution.


Saving Results

This is done using Windows Select, Copy, and Paste to copy text from 1 area to another.


Use your Scoring Program, (Scorebridge, Jeff Smith's Scorer, Whatever),  to create the results for your clubs.

e.g. with Scorebridge, select Make / Web Page

With the results page open, position the mouse anywhere in the results page, and left-click the mouse.

Select all (Ctrl-A) - the information is highlighted in blue.

Copy (Ctrl-C) - the information is saved in the buffer.


Go to the ABU Website, and Login.

Under Members, you'll see a menu item, 'Submit an Article'
Click on 'Submit an Article. The article submission form opens.
Give the article a Title in the form <club> <yyyymmdd>

e.g. Doon 20160426

Position the cursor in the edit (content) window, and left-click the mouse.

Paste (Ctrl-V)  - the results from the buffer are pasted to the edit window.

If you can publish for more than 1 club, e.g. Doon and Riggs, Click the Tab 'Publishing'
Select the Category from the Drop Down, e.g. 'Doon' or 'Riggs'

Click 'Save'

Updating / Amending Results.

No need to create a new article when results have changed or need updating!

Simple edit the existing Article.

Log On.

Find the article to amend / update, under <club> <results> if not on Latest list on the Right Hand Site of Home Page.

Select the article.

Select Edit from the Dropdown Icon; 

Edit the article:

If wish to replace all of the old results, click in the Edit Window. Ctrl-A to select all; Delete to delete old Content.

Paste from Scoring Prgram or Spreadsheet.

If only wish to replace part of an article, select that part to be changed, then delete.

(e.g. if deleting a table, click on 1st cell in table, then use the Table-x icon to delete that table; paste in new table.


If wish to show that the content has been amended, modify the Article TITLE.

Click <SAVE>


Saving under Correct Category.

The Web page editor window has tabs: Content, Publishing, Language, Metadata.

Category is selected under Publishing. If you have access to more than 1 category, then the default category will be the lowest, alphabetically.

If Save without setting the correct Category, simply open the article, Edit, Select the Publishing tab, Set the correct Category from the dropdown, and Save. No need to create a new article. 


Forgotten Password?

Under Members, click 'Forgot your Password', then enter your email address when asked to do so. Tell the system you're not a robot.

The system will send you a new password.

Login, using your SBU number as Username, and the System generated Password.

Once logged in, you can change your password to something more memorable:

Under Members, click on Edit my Profile; set new password; Save Profile.

Delete An Article

1. Login
2. Find the article, if still in Latest, on the Top Right Hand Side, or under <club> Results
3. Click on the Article Title. The article is displayed.

3.1 Click on the Print/Edit Dropdown and Select "Edit", 


-. The article opens for Editing.

4. Select tab 'Publishing'


5. Click on Dropdown 'Status'

6. Change status from 'Published' to 'Trashed'


7. Click 'Save' - the article is saved.



- it may still be viewable on the screen on exit from the editor,

- but it will no longer be on 'latest', if that's where you clicked on the title

- if you navigate to <club>results it is no longer listed.

Publish a PDF File

A link to a PDF file can be included in an article, in a circuitous way, by pretending to include an Image in the article.

1. Login

2. Create / Edit an article.

3. Click on 'Image' above the edit window

- a pop-up window is displayed, showing the images folders

4. Click on Clubs folder, then click on the folder for your club; e.g. newtonstewart

- a list of images for Newton Stewart is shown (there may be no images for your club).

5. At the bottom of the pop-up, there is an option to upload a file; click Browse to find a file on your PC to upload.

6. Browse on your PC and find the PDF file to upload, e.g. myfile.pdf; select it, and then click Upload

7. If successfully uploaded a message will appear: "Successfully uploaded clubs/newtonstewart/myfile.pdf"

7.1 to save some typing later, select the text 'clubs/newtonstewart/myfile.pdf', and copy it to the Paste buffer with Ctrl-C

8. Click Cancel to return to the Edit window.

9. Type in some text where you wish to place a link to the PDF file, e.g 'Hand Records.'

10. Select the text 'Hand Records', and then click, above the Edit Window, the Link icon ( a chain link).

11. A pop-up appears, in the URL, either

11.1 type the text 'images/clubs/newtonstewart/myfile.pdf', or,

11.2 if copied to Paste buffer, type Ctrl-V, and pre-pend the text with 'images/'

12. Click OK, to save the link.

13. Click Save to save the article.

14. When the article is saved, check that the link works correctly by clicking the text where you created the link.

15. log off

N.B.: If you're running the latest version of Scorebridge, (from 10.16.08), it can show the Optimum Contracts 
So, as long as the scorer has the DUP, BRI, or BRM file (or whatever the extension of the file is), on the scoring machine,  and the analysis has been done,
there really isn't a need anymore to have a PDF hand record.
To insert a link in an article to either another article on the ABU web site, or to an external web site, do the following.
1. Go to the location to which you wish the link to be made, whether on ABU site, or an external site. (e.g. SBU Highland)
2. In the Browser's URL address window, select the address of the web page currently in view, and copy it (Ctrl-C). (e.g. )
3. Log in to the ABU Web site.
4. Open the article in which the link is to be placed for editing.
5. Type in some text, 'Highland' and/or select the text from which you wish to link to the other page.
6. Click the Link icon.
7 A pop-up appears; In the url,
  7.1 Paste the url (Ctrl-V) (so that is shown as Url)
  7.2 As this is an external window, select Target = New window) (If the link is to another ABU page, just leave the default, None)
  7.3 (Optional, type Title text - this appears as a tool-tip when the user hovers over the link e.g. Click for Highland
8. Save the article.
Update Details for Event Entry System
New events are added by the administrator.
Only existing events can have their details amended
1. Login
2. After Login, under Events, you'll find a new menu Item, 'Update Event Details', S
3. Select  'Update Event Details, and a form opens:
4. Select an event from the drop down, e.g. Celtic Sims
5. Update the details:
Date from Date Picker Box.
The start time of the event is entered separately from the Event Date. If time doesn't change, no need to change it.
Cost per person (Juniors are set to half price when an entry is made.
email of the convener: used to send a notification to the convener when someone enters for the event.
Max# - Maximum number of entries. No entries allowed for an event when the entries reaches this number. Can also set to 0 to stop entries.
6. When all details correct, Click Update



Update Scorebridge


To do the Update:

  1. Ensure no other User logged in.
  2. Login as Ayrshire District.
  3. Right-click the Scorebridge Icon (The Black Spade)
  4. Click “Run as Administrator”
  5. Enter the xadmin password (Hint: a telephone no., but with “0” as “o”, “1” as ”i”, and 5 as “s”.
  6. On the Scorebridge menu, “System”, select “Update to latest version of Scorebridge”
  7. When receive the prompt, “Close Scorebridge and perform Update”, click “Yes”
    1. Scorebridge closes and the update is performed.
    2. A pop-up appears showing the version of Scorebridge installed.
  8. Do a test run
  9. Record the activity in the log book.
  10. Inform clubs with a message on the noticeboard.


The Scorebridge Support licence expires on 19 Jun.

If the ABU intends to continue using Scorebridge to score events, it should be renewed by the treasurer, and the new Support key installed on the date notified by Scorebridge.

Scorebridge is licensed to “Ayrshire District”.

The email address of the contact is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: when logon to the PC as Ayrshire District, you can send/receive emails from this address using Windows Mail – icon on the Taskbar



Event Places Left

To display the places available for an event, you can put in a link to a plug-in and specify:

  • the name of the event,
  • the text to display,
  • and the position (Left /  Right of the text) where the no. of places remainining will be displayed.

The number displayed will depend on the Max Entries set up for the event and the number of entries made to date.

N.B. In order to display the text, curly brackets, {}, have been replaced by square brackets, [], below. Use curly brackets in the article!


e.g. to display the no of places left in the Congress Pairs, and show this to the left of text 'Places Available', insert the following in the Feature Article:

[chronoconnectivity5]EventPlacesRemaining&cf_event=Congress Pairs&cf_left=L&cf_text=Places Available[/chronoconnectivity5]

will display something like:-

5 Places Available


To display the no. of places to the right, use:

[chronoconnectivity5]EventPlacesRemaining&cv_event=Congress Pairs&cf_left=R&cf_text=Places Remaining[/chronoconnectivity5]

will display something like:

Places Remaining 5


e.g. (using screen shots of article and result):





Might give this result:







Location:& Naming

Images are saved in folders, and include winners, silver, bronze, and documents used for publicity.

Suggested convention below, in the folder relevant to the competition.

(Folders are sub-folders of folder images).

Use of Images on Front Page Articles (Featured Articles).

Large images slow the loading of the site's home page.

After saving the large image, in the folder and following naming,  when a slideshow has been set up for Trophy Winners, indicated by Y in column Slideshow, a preview 200 x 200 pixel image is used on front page, e.g. images/abu/comps/ayrshirecup/preview/200s200/2019AyrshireCup.jpg

N.B.: it may be necessary to view the slideshow of the competition in order for slideshow to generate the preview image, before the preview image is available for insertion in the Featured Article..




Example Image File Name

Slideshow set up ? Y/N e.g.

agmcupwinners 1977_1978CupWinners.jpg Y  
agmleaguewinners 1977_1978LeagueWinners.jpg Y  
anngalt     charities' logos 
ayrshirecup 2019AyrshireCup.jpg Y  
ayrshirepairs 2017FAbbott_EMcGeough.jpg Y  
congresspairs 2019CongressPairsWinners.jpg
congressteams 2016CongressTeams.jpg
districtswissteams 2018districtSwissWinners.JPG
ianstewart 2013_2015ianstewartSamMalkani.JPG Y  
individual 2018_Hazel_Rutherford.JPG Y  
inspiration 2019inspirationcupLizMaxwellCarlynLinton.jpg Y  
kmackay 2018HospiceRitaStuartFrancesMurphy.jpg Y  
munro 2018MunroDavidWilbrahamLindaLittle.jpg Y  
national ScSwiss2015_1_307.jpg
pw 2019pwStoianKableshkovIanBurn.jpg Y  
pwhandicap 2018pwHandicapFionaBraid.JPG Y  
rapairs 2019_20rapairsDavidHelenAllison.jpg Y  
rateams 2018RATeams.jpg Y  
schools 2014Templeton.jpg Y  
springswissteams 2009springswissteamsresize.jpg    
tourney 2016Tourney.jpg Y  
vikingpairs 9999VikingPairsThorCup.jpg Y  
vikingteams 2013VikingTeams.jpg Y  



Add Contact in Article

While Editing an article, click Contact icon,

and select the person to whom you wish users to contact from the list.(Use Scroll bar to see all contacts)