There have been an increasing number of parking complaints recently from our neighbours at the Ayrshire Bridge Centre. Whilst what happens on a public road is not wholly my nor the ABU Council's business, it would be nice to think that our members could consider the people living in and around The Riggs when choosing where to park their vehicle. 

The problem seems particularly acute during the daytime with Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons and also weekend tournaments seeming to cause the most annoyance (although evenings are not exempt either). The main cause of complaints seems to be parking too close to residents' driveways or blocking access in the cul de sac towards Station Road.

The daytime restrictions around the adjoining roads, which were brought in by South Ayrshire Council a couple of years back, were possibly brought about in part by the large increase in daytime visitors to the centre. More complaints from our neighbours will only increase the likelihood of even more Draconian measures being introduced.

Could I thus make a gentle plea for members to consider parking further away if they are able to do so. I appreciate that the station car park does not have many spaces in the daytime, although there are always plenty available in the evening and at weekends. One or two members have suggested that there is ample space further up Kirk Street beyond where the restrictions end.

We can also help ourselves by parking sensibly in the centre car park itself. I despair at the number of times I have seen cars parked across the entrance when there is space further in. Even parking in the left hand slot closest to the main entrance door makes it incredibly difficult for everybody else to reverse in and maybe that is the reason why some people choose to park on the street. If the car park is filled up from the back, it holds 10 cars comfortably. Of course parking sensibly also involves those blocking others from getting out not hanging around inside the building for too long after an event is finished.

So, to reiterate, what goes on in a public road is really a matter between the driver, the resident and if necessary the police, but I hope that all users of the centre will appreciate that a loss of goodwill with our neighbours could make things even worse for everybody in the long run.

Thank you to the vast majority of users who continue to park considerately.

Dave Wiseman