The Pollok Williamson Summer Competition will run on 18 Wednesdays from 1 May to 28 August.

Play will commence at 7pm and players are asked to be seated by 6.55pm. Table money will be £3.

The average of a player's best 12 scores will determine the overall rankings. 

A handicap competition will run alongside the main competition. Everybody will be allocated a handicap this year and will be eligible to win a weekly handicap prize, but winners will have their handicap reduced by 2 and 2nd place reduced by 1 for the weeks following. Where 2 players in a partnership have different handicaps, their average will be used. A player's handicap cannot be reduced below zero.

A list of everyone's handicap will be posted on the centre noticeboard. These have been compiled by a sub-committee of D Wiseman, E McGeough and J Burn and have been based mainly on last year's results, but also taking into account each player's current ability. If anyone is particularly unhappy with their own handicap, please consult with one of the aforementioned. Players not on the original list are as welcome as everybody else and will be allocated a handicap when they first play.

Weekly prizes will be awarded to the top 2 positions in both the main competition and the handicap competition. A third prize may be awarded if there are sufficient tables. 

Pollok Williamson has very kindly again pledged £600 of prize money for the overall plus handicap winners and places. The sponsor wishes to encourage less experienced players, thus anyone with a starting handicap of zero will not be eligible for an end of season handicap prize.

The end of season handicap prizes will be determined by the handicap issued at the start of the season and are not subject to weekly reductions.

There is no hosting system in place this year, but members are encouraged to post partner requests on the ABU website.

There will be a rota for the Movements Director, the Rules Director and the Scorer, who will each receive free table money. This is not restricted to Council members and other competent persons are encouraged to volunteer for these roles in order to share the workload.

In order to try and keep the speed of play up, previous results will not be displayed on the Bridgemates, only the percentage obtained. The Big Time clock will be used where possible, so that moves can be called on time rather than waiting for the slowest table to finish.

The competition is always keenly contested, but the Chairman and Council are very keen for this event to be played in as friendly a spirit as possible and will treat any bad, intimidatory or rude behaviour appropriately.

Wishing everybody an enjoyable competition and if you have never played in this before, why not give it a go.