Well, after a month of uncertainty and turmoil, Ayrshire District again has a Council to run its affairs.

Looking back on the minutes from the previous 2 District AGM's, only one Council member was properly proposed, seconded and elected each time. Clearly, we need to be much more careful in future to avoid another vacuum, such as we have just experienced.

The new Council, elected at the recent Special General Meeting comprises some current members as well as new and returning members. I am particularly pleased to welcome Anne Braid, returning as secretary. Her exemplary organisational skills will ensure we all stay on track, I'm sure. Gordon Cunningham will be mightily relieved to be able to concentrate solely on the Treasurer's role after putting in so much work to get a new Council formed. I dread to think where we would be now without his efforts. Thank you Gordon.

The first Council meeting will be on Saturday 2nd June, where the various tasks and roles will be finalised. High on my agenda is to ensure that we have some robust procedures regarding use of the Hall, which will enable members from anywhere in the District to use the centre to play bridge if space is reasonably available. To this end, there will be a few tweaks to responsibilities and a few new rules, such that the Council as a whole will decide what is reasonable and what is not. It would have been nice to have some more representation on the Council from outwith the Ayr/Prestwick based clubs, but sadly there were no volunteers from Kilmarnock, Kilwinning or the North Ayrshire clubs.

The calendar is the most pressing item on the agenda right now and we will be having a look to see if any improvements can be made to one or two of the main District Competitions, entries to which have been very much on the wane in recent years.

Very sad to hear this week of the passing of Ken Forsyth. Ken, a fine card player was on my winning Ayrshire Cup team a few years ago, but only played very occasionally in Ayrshire, preferring to spend the Scottish winters in Australia (and who could blame him!).

Congratulations to the Munro Cup winners, Linda Little and David Wilbraham.

I had an enjoyable day in Dumfries playing in the Spence Cup with Gordon Smith against 2 pairs from each of the other 6 Districts, who had won or come second in their respective District Pairs final. After 3 failed attempts previously, I finally managed to score above 50%, achieving a respectable 2nd place. The South District treated us all to a fine dinner in a local Italian restaurant. Next year, it is Ayrshire's turn to host this friendly event. I hope it isn't the President who has to fork out for the bill!


David Wiseman