Instructions for Updating Winter Competition and Pollok Williamson Spreadsheets

Click on link on desktop
Spreadsheet Opens, click "OK"
Select Trophy (Winter, Pollok-Willamson, ..) from dropdown

Select a date for the event

Dates will have been set up before Competition starts on worksheet <trophy>

To do this before the Competition, close the macro, navigate to the worksheet and then enter the dates for the Competition.

Click on "Browse"

Find the event file for that date. e.g.

C:\BridgeData\Ayrshire District\2016Sep02!Winter Friday 01!.dat

and click "Open"

Save the event file against the date, click "Save File Name"
Note how the event file name is saved against the date on the worksheet

Click on 'Calculate Standings" to process the event results files.

End of processing is indicated by message "That's it folks"


Click on "Close"

Get a message on how to re-run the macro.


Click "OK"

Now select the worksheet:

WinterStanding (Winter Comp)


PollokWilliamsonStanding (PW Comp)

Select the range to copy, and copy to the Overall Rankings Article on the Web Site

Use the Worksheet left and right scroll arrows (bottom left) to find

'WinterStratified' Worksheet (Winter Competition)


PollokWilliamsonHandicap worksheet (Pollok Williamson Comp).


Save the updated Spreadsheet.

(Otherwise the filename may not be saved against the event date).



Set the Pollok Williamson Handicaps withScorebridge


In Scorebridge,

select the "Other" Tab

Click "Handicaps - Input / Update / Print"

Prompt for File Type,

Click "Handicaps"

Select Handicap File name,

& click "Open".


Handicaps shown for players in the PlayerDB.

Set the handicap for each player, leave blank if no Handicap to be given.


Use the Vertical Scroll Bar to see all players (alphabetical by Surname).


When all done, click "Save File".



Handicap Update notice shown.

Click "OK"

Select File name to Save

(overwrite file opened).


Click "Save"


Carry on with Scorebridge.

Repeat the above if new players join, or handicaps have to be amended.

The Handicaps are added to a player's average score and are shown in the worksheet <trophy>Handicap.



Trophies are presented at the AGM end-April and the Chair v.Vice-Chair match end September.


1. At end of March/Middle of September, collect names of winners of Trophies. Complete list below.

2. Contact previous winners and have the Trophies returned to Centre.

3. At start of April/Middle of September, take Trophies with list of engraving required to:

            Reid's Trophies, 10 New Road, Ayr KA8 8EX. Tel 01292.619.232

4. Collect Trophies, make payment for engraving, cleaning, before Presentation

5. Submit receipt for re-imbursement of engraving costs to Treasurer.




Trophy Name

AGM end-April

 2013-14 (Previous Year)



League   1


 Kilwinning Abbey



League   2


 Kilwinning Corsehill


Ann Galt Trophy

Ann Galt

in  Clubs December to end of January

 Janice Thomson & Eddie McGeough



Inspiration Cup

winners of heat of Hugh Kelsey at Doon club

 not played


Adamson   Cup

end-Sep   for Club Champions

 Kate & Sam Malkani

Kate & Sam Malkani

Ayrshire Cup

Ayrshire   Cup

Knockout   Teams by end-April

D & Y Wiseman, S & R Wiseman, WG Smith & K Forsyth

 Tourney Cup

Tourney   Cup

Club   heats mid-Jan to Mid-Feb & Teams Final start March

 Mrs. J.Thomson & E.McGeough, I.Burn & S.Kableshkov



Ayrshire   Pairs

Club   Heats Oct, Semi-Finals Nov. Final Feb.

 John Bryson & Jim Tudor


Red-Pointed   Teams of 4 (November Swiss Teams).


 Russell Frame & Gerry Murray, Michele Gladstone, & Joan Lees.


Congress Pairs

Swiss   Pairs



 2014 Jim McMenemy & Paul Maiolani


Congress Teams

Swiss   Teams



 2014 J.Thomson, E.McGeough, I.McClure, I.Burn



 Ronnie Alexander Pairs

 October for players below rank of Scottish Master

 Maureen Rennie & Margaret Boyd



 Ronnie Alexander Teams

 April for players below rank of Scottish Master

 Joyce Rodger & Libby Crone, Valerie Wood & Fred Dean





 £220.50 + £5 cleaning cloth





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Trophy Name

Chair. v. Vice-Chair Sep/Oct

2012-13 Engraving




Hospice   Pairs, played in Clubs in month of May.

2013 Anne & Donnie Graham

 Frances Murphy & BettyStevenson

Ian Stewart Cup

I   Stewart

Nominations   by April Council meeting

2013 Yvonne Wiseman

 2014 Sam Malkani


Munro   Cup

Play & learn end of May

2013 L McManus, I Smith

 Norma Kelly & Sadie Morton

 Pollok Williamson Summer Championship

PW Summer Cup


2013 Alison & Jim Tudor

 2014 Janice Thomson

 Pollok Williamson Handicap

PW Summer Cup Handicap


2013 Irene Davidson

 2014 Henry Crone

 Viking Pairs

Viking   Pairs

1st   Wednesday in September

2013 Sandy Anderson & Stewart Duguid

 2014 Yvonne & David Wiseman

Viking Teams

Viking   Teams

2nd   Wednesday in September

2013 Sandy Anderson & Stewart Duguid, Ian Burn & Bobby Moore

 2014 John Dick & David Wiseman, Cliff Gillis & Martin Henneberger 






Name Phone Mobile Description Note  
John Coats Troon 311489 07885.594588 Presidents / ( Honorary ) Life Patrons Honour Boards Signwriter £35 / line (2014)
Craig Hood Troon 312777     Plumber  





Play & Learn helpers,

I'm hoping you are all willing to carry on for another year? Please?
For this year's sessions I'm going to try and be a bit more organised!
I've created a rota (below and attached). Please check it. I randomly threw in the names and then tried to spread it out best I could. I can always make changes and send out a revised copy.

If you're not down a particular week but want to come along anyway, then the more the better.
If you can't make your designated week then try and do a swap with someone if you can, or let me know.

I've left the final session in May blank as this is the Munro cup and I may run that as a proper competition. Not too sure at the moment but I'll ask for helpers nearer the time for that, if needed.

Anne and Rita, would you be willing to help with the teas between you? And if so, sort that out between the 2 of you, if that's OK?

Thanks all for your continued support.

Best regards,


Friday 27th Sep Jim     Frances Stewart Sandy   Donnie  Fiona

Friday 25th Oct Jim     Pauline         Thomson Gordon  Fiona   Frances

Friday 29th Nov         Jim     Stewart         Sandy   Thomson Gordon  Eddie

Friday 24th Jan Jim     Fiona   Eddie   Stewart Sandy   Pauline

Friday 28th Feb Jim     Fiona   Frances Donnie  Thomson Eddie

Friday 28th Mar Jim     Donnie  Fiona   Gordon  Thomson Eddie

Friday 25th Apr Jim     Stewart Frances Donnie  Pauline Gordon

Friday 30th May Jim
Munro cup






After the AGM which is held on the last Wednesday in April, a short meeting is held at the end of the evening mainly to see that all arrangements are in hand for the Swiss Pairs which Ayrshire runs for the SBU, and if new members have been elected to the Council to consider which positions they are going to take on.


In the summer months we usually have a June meeting, as the new syllabus for the following year must be discussed any changes made and sent at the latest to the printers in early July ready for the Secretaries meeting early August.  You must also make a decision about which charity the Ann Galt will support this coming season. You have to draw up and Agenda for every meeting and have the minutes sent to all Council members.


The date for the Ayrshire Secretaries Meeting will be in the Calendar and various forms must go to them at the end of July, from experience always give them at least 14 Days notice of the meeting.  It is the secretary’s job to put out the letter, club info form and the league secretaries form, also a note to find out if or how many clubs will be playing the Ayrshire Pairs and the Tourney Cup; the league secretaries meeting is in late August.  You will be required to go to the secretaries meeting to collect the club info forms. A copy of these forms are attached.

You have to draw up a Council members lists of names, addresses, tel nos and e-mail and a list of duties of the Council members.

The Secy is responsible for ensuring that the ABU home member subs of £1 per head is gathered in by 31 October of that year along with a complete membership list from the clubs.  Also remind the clubs that the SBU sub has to be paid by 30 November.

Also an Ayrshire Secretaries list showing club, secy name, address, and e-mail have to be distributed to the various clubs and Council


At the August Council meeting  which usually takes place in between the 2 secretaries meetings, you start to deal with the various competitions and directors have to be arranged.   For the Chairman v V Chairman’s match various matters have to be put in place, eg catering, wine etc.  A letter will be sent to all the secretaries inviting the various Presidents & Partners of the clubs to the match, (attached) and if they are unable to come along then a representative from their club.  They must advise if they are coming along as numbers are required for the caterer  Contact Mrs Mormon  as she represents the Hospice and she will come along to receive the cheque on their behalf.

The first meeting after August is the 1st Saturday in October, then November.  We usually miss out December and have a January, February, March, & April meeting.

Notice for the AGM should be sent out to the clubs giving at least 14 days notice of the meeting.  For the Ann Galt club winners usually each pair is given a pen.  Whoever is responsible for the Cups which get presented, the Secy should have a list in order to assist the Chairman present them., and the Treasurer needs a list to make up the prizes. Remember to order a photographer for approx 8pm.  If it is possible  a representative from the charity which is receiving the Ann Galt monies come along to the meeting - contact them

At each meeting there is an edition of the Bulletin which J Tudor prints and the Secy is responsible for the distribution.  Many more people are now reading it on line, but to date I have to distribute approx 55 copies., but this has gone down from 90  When the 1st copy is going out to the people receiving a paper copy I attach a small note advising them that they are now due the ABU £5. Most  return this quickly.  The clubs get free copies as do life members.

Read the photocopying machine every 3 months and pass the details to IOT for billing. Purchase paper for the machine preferably 90gsm as this is suitable for the Bulletin.

Collect at Janitorial Services, toilet rolls and hand towels for the Centre when advised by the Hall & Works convener.