Thursday evening 7pm (Doors close at 6:50)

Should a partner be required please contact the President or the Director of the previous week


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Aggregate Championship



Match Point Championship

  Jean Devan Quaich Pairs      *
  John Mackenzie Trophy Teams    *
 Summer Match Point Championship  
Basis of Riggs winners:
  • Match Point winner is the person with the highest average of his/her top 8 scores on a "Match Point Championship" night
    • i.e. all other match point events are excluded e.g. Ann Galt.
    • Minimum 8 scores.
  • Aggregate winner is the person with the highest score of his/her top 8 results on "Aggregate Championship" nights.
    • Award based on the no. of pairs. Lowest pair scores 1 point; Top pair scores the no. of pairs in that direction.
    • Minimum 8 scores.
  • The John Lucas trophy is awarded to the highest aggregate score of the season.
  • The overall Championship is awarded to the person who has the best 20 master points from all of the Aggregate Championships, the "Match Point" Championship  events and the Jean Devan event.